Do you travel for work? You can…

Pay less tax, every month

No admin. No stress. No need to deal with HMRC.

Find out how much you can save for free

How it works

Pay less tax

The average Savy saver pays £80 less tax a month.

It’s getting more and more expensive to travel to do your job.

Luckily there are tax breaks available to help you with the costs.

Savy can calculate, activate and manage your tax savings.

Get a refund

The average refund is £2,500 and can be as high as £6,000.

If you haven’t claimed your tax breaks in the past, you can get a refund.

This is paid back by HMRC to cover the tax breaks you missed.

Savy can manage this for you and get your money back.

Don’t miss out

Millions of people miss out on their tax savings. Don’t be one of them!

These tax breaks are designed to help you but if you don’t claim them, the Government keeps them.

Savy will make sure you maximise the tax breaks available to you.


No one likes doing tax admin – so we’ve built our system to do it all for you.

You only spend 5 minutes a month managing your savings.
Leave the rest to us.

And our friendly support team is available all year round to help.

Maximum savings – stress free

Maximum savings 
Save up to £3,000 a year by claiming tax breaks that are designed to help with the cost of travelling for work.
It’s a complicated system and it’s easy to miss out.
Savy’s smart system makes sure you get the maximum savings.

Tax breaks for driving for work

If you’re driving your own car for work journeys you could save up to £2,000 a year with mileage tax relief.

We’ll calculate how much you can save, manage everything for you, and submit the paperwork that keeps you compliant every year.

Tax breaks for food & drink

Any food or drink you buy travelling for work qualifies for subsistence tax relief. Save up to £700 a year from this little-known tax break.

Savy’s smart system automatically collects the details of food and drink spend from open banking, so there’s no need to keep receipts and records.

Tax breaks for other work expenses

Did you know there are more than 1,000 tax breaks? We make sure we figure out all the ways you can save money. This can include home working, uniform, professional subscriptions, tool purchases and more.

Refunds for missed tax breaks

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out in the past, we can get you a refund for any missed tax breaks since 2019.

The average refund is £2,500 but it can be as high as £6,000 depending on your circumstances.

Stress-free tax savings
We built Savy so you can save money without having to do loads of boring tax admin, or deal with HMRC.
Leave everything to us and do something more interesting than tax admin. Which is literally anything!

Manage your savings on your time

Our mobile app puts you in control.

You can update your details when it’s convenient for you and your tax details are available at the touch of a button.

You’re not alone

Our friendly and knowledgable team are in your corner and available to help all year round.

Contact us however it works best for you: email, WhatsApp, telephone or come see us for a cup of tea!

We deal with HMRC for you so you never need to speak to them again.

Forget about admin

Who’s got time to keep all the records that HMRC need? Savy’s smart system eliminates the headaches that stop millions of people from saving. Connect to open banking and we can automatically identify and store the records we need for your work expenses. You can manage your savings in just 5 minutes a month.

We do the paperwork

To stay compliant you need to submit paperwork to HMRC at the end of every year. We’ve got this covered and our experts review every tax return before its sent to HMRC.

What our customers say


Monthly tax savings


Tax savings managed by Savy
Open banking automatically captures your expenses
Annual paperwork preparation and submission
Year round support

Past year tax refund


only when refund is successful
Refund preparation and calculation
Refund submission to HMRC
Refund process managed by Savy
No hidden costs – you keep 81% of your refund